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For the past 15 years we’ve worked with entrepreneurs, investors and funders to discover what it takes to create a local economy that works for all of us. Check out our Local Economy Framework or dive into our free tools and resources to start building your healthy, equitable local economy today.

Tools & Resources

Whether you’re looking to invest locally, explore collaboration models, evaluate procurement policies or consider alternative ownership models, we have the tools and resources to help. Find case studies, manuals, webinars, podcasts, success stories and more that can help you develop solutions for your business and community.

Local Economy Framework

The strategies in our Local Economy Framework reflect localism in action, and provide the building blocks for creating a healthy, local economy.

See Our Network in Action

Explore our network of entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and policymakers to discover collaborators and learn how local economy leaders are taking action in their communities.

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Success Stories

Some of the most powerful tools to create healthy, equitable local economies come from the stories of people doing the work. Learn how to act local first from others who are coming together to build stronger communities.