Build a Local Business Network

Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.
— Gary Synder

We believe that locally owned, independent business is the key to solving our toughest challenges and the smartest way to create real prosperity.

Local Business Networks are the glue that binds entrepreneurs to each other. This is where they help each other’s businesses, create solutions to local challenges and inspire each other to think differently. When local, independently-owned businesses work together they create solutions to local challenges.

Local Business Networks are stronger together, and know that competition isn’t the answer. The result is a community like most have never known before: collaborating to advance ideas, harnessing strength in numbers when it comes to fundraising or collaborative projects, and let’s face it, connecting with your peers is the most effective – and most fun - way to accelerate Localism.

Local Business Networks can be formal membership organizations that coordinate local marketing, training, financing, peer support, and other impactful programs. They can be informal pitch fests or monthly potluck clubs, or even weekly brown bag lunches hosted at a local business and focused on the BALLE Live! series.

We have tools and resources to help you create your own Local Business Network, and supportive peers around the country who are willing to share what they’ve learned, too.

Plus, once you join, you can access a library of examples and templates, plus connection to a peer community that has an ethos of sharing.

View our list of Localist Champions. We call them champions because they are: they advocate for Localism, share best practices and advice with their groups of businesses and they are growing Localism in their own hometowns.  They have joined BALLE at a level that includes access to peer learning with other business network leaders, as well free access to BALLE membership benefits for all their affiliated local business members. Check to see if you are a business member of a Localist Champion and start accessing your benefits today!