Bringing Local Solutions to SOCAP & COCAP

Are you at SOCAP this week? So are we! And so are many from the BALLE Leadership Network. Among those in our network who are attending, 11 BALLE Fellows, Investor Circle members, and staff are speaking on panels today through Friday, representing local solutions for activating local economy ecosystems and shifting capital from Wall Street to Main Street at the largest impact investing conference of the year.

Here’s where you’ll find us:


12:00p Unlocking the Power of Capital for Systemic Change
Joel Solomon (Investors Circle), Don Schaffer (Investors Circle)
12:00p Indigenous Finance: Re-Building Social Capital to Unlock Opportunities for Impact
Chrystel Cornelius (BALLE Fellow, 2016)
2:30p Forget Net Zero: It’s Time to Invest in Negative Carbon
Kat Taylor (Investors Circle)
3:45p Local Ecosystem Investing for Economic Justice
Aaron Tanaka (BALLE Fellow, 2014), Jessica Norwood (BALLE Fellow, 2014)
11:00a The Promise of Carbon Farming: Leveraging Investment to Balance the Climate
Nikki Silvestri (BALLE Board Co-Chair and Fellow, 2013), Esther Park (Investors Circle)
1:30p Should We Get Political? Exploring Investing and Action in an Age of Extremism
Nikki Silvestri (BALLE Board Co-Chair and Fellow, 2013)
4:00p Inclusive Growth Strategies for Rapidly Changing Neighborhoods
Rodney Foxworth (BALLE Executive Director & Fellow, 2016)
5:15p Communicating about Impact
Rodney Foxworth (BALLE Executive Director & Fellow, 2016), Nikki Silvestri (BALLE Board Co-Chair and Fellow, 2013), Amy Hartzler (BALLE Communications Director), Alfa Demmellash (BALLE Fellow, 2014)
5:15p Community Wealth Toolkit
Derrick Braziel (BALLE Fellow, 2016)
 5:15p The War on Financial Instability: Building a Movement
Kat Taylor (Investors Circle)
 FRIDAY 10/13
8:30a Change on the Horizon 
Joel Solomon (Investors Circle)
10:30a What does Racial Equity look like in Practice?
Rodney Foxworth (BALLE Executive Director & Fellow, 2016)
 10:30a  Grassroots Entrepreneurs: Unique Challenges and Opportunities
Derrick Braziel (BALLE Fellow, 2016)


If you’ve been following our Twitter feed, you’ve also seen that a number of BALLE leaders were at COCAP Monday and Tuesday!






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