Brennan Washington

1890 Land Grant Liaison and Limited-Resource/Minority Farmer Outreach Specialist + Farmer, Southern SARE

Lawrenceville, GA

Accelerate Collaboration, Cultivate Connection, Regenerate Soil & Nature  |  Food and Agriculture, Technical Assistance

Brennan leads across the local food system movement in the Southeast and drives research and education grants that support sustainable agriculture and local food system development.

Brennan Washington is the owner of Phoenix Gardens and the Outreach Coordinator and 1890 Liaison for Southern SARE, which funds research and education in sustainable agriculture. SSARE is located in Georgia and services twelve southeastern states, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Prior to becoming involved in local food system development, Brennan worked in information technology where he managed the IT departments of companies with sales of $50-$100 million dollars. He has been involved in many local food system projects over the years, including the Georgia Organics farmer mentoring program and founded the Georgia Farmers Market Association.

Brennan has served on the boards of Georgia Organics and Southern SSAWG. He has a BA degree in English from Wilkes University and attended agricultural leadership programs at Southern University and the University of Georgia. Brennan was raised in the Bronx, NY and currently lives with his wife, Gwendolyn, in Lawrenceville, Georgia.