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BALLE Interview: Anthony Flaccavento

Author: Karl      Apr 15th, 2014

Exactly how are United States integrating the local food movement? We track down 2011-2012 BALLE Fellow, organic farmer and former U.S. House of Representatives candidate Anthony Flaccavento to find out.[Read More]

Featured Fellow Series: An Interview with Erin Kilmer Neel

Author: Karl      Apr 2nd, 2014

"Wowza." So says Local Economy Fellow, and East Bay Sustainable Business Alliance director, Erin Kilmer Neel reflecting on Oakland's growing interdependent network of of local businesses, makers and artists. In this interview Erin share her circuitous path to Localism, and how efforts in Oakland are driving toward Prosperity for All.[Read More]

Emerging Cuban localism transforming neighborhoods

Author: Karl      Mar 31st, 2014

There's a new environment for entrepreneurship in Cuba - with indications of localism and an emergent caring economy. BALLE cofounder Judy Wicks blogs on a neighborhood case study.[Read More]

We Are Stronger Together: On Collaboration in Vancouver, Canada

Author: Jill      Mar 19th, 2014

BALLE Local Economy Fellow Amy Robinson, founder of LOCO BC, shares her path to understanding sustainability, the impact of the Fellowship, and how she helps spread a sense of “what’s possible” within the of Vancouver, BC community.  [Read More]

Featured Fellow Series: An Interview with Amy Robinson

Author: Jill      Mar 11th, 2014

BALLE Fellow Amy Robinson of LOCO BC shares her definitions of “local” and “sustainable,” the entrepreneurial spirit that distinguishes Vancouver, BC from the rest of Canada, and the four areas of work that have her most energized.[Read More]