How self-reliant is your community?

Is your community missing opportunities for job creation?

How self-reliant is your town in food?

Where can you find the nearest local bank or credit union?

The new BALLE Calculators are designed to answer those questions.

Every good or service imported unnecessarily from outside your community means lost income, jobs, and taxes from the business that might have supplied these items locally. Many dollar losses are therefore opportunities for new or expanded local business.

Benefits of using the calculators:

Instantly deciphers exactly what your community buys and imports, revealing the obvious in-demand business and job creation opportunities available to you.

Calculating missed opportunities for revenue and job creation is invaluable for living economy economic development for six reasons:

  • Policymakers have a clearer vision of how to allocate scarce public dollars for economic development.
  • Existing small-business owners have a better sense of promising opportunities for expansion, and entrepreneurs see the most profitable markets for start ups.
  • Equipped with a community-wide marketing analysis, local banks, lenders and investors can better calibrate their allocations of commercial capital.
  • Foundations, nonprofits, and grassroots groups have a better sense of which economic sectors should be targeted for community action.
  • Consumers can better appreciate the potential payoffs of buying more goods and services locally.
  • Also, users can begin to measure, year by year, the specific benefits on a given community.

PLEASE NOTE: The data calculated is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy. Therefore the calculators are relevant to communities in the U.S. only.

Three calculators are now available:

Overview Calculator: Through measuring lost revenue, jobs, and other valuable community assets, this calculator tells you exactly how many jobs are possible in each 1100 sectors of your economy, and enables you to focus your economic-development efforts accordingly.


Food Calculator: Analyze how to best feed your community through creating jobs through food localization. For example: How many more cows and steers does my community need to feed itself meat and dairy products? What’s the “import substitution” opportunity for raising chickens and pigs, or for growing fruits, vegetables, and grains?


Financial Calculator: This tool will allow you to easily find local banks and credit unions. You’ll find estimates of the kinds of long-term financial resources sloshing around in your community’s savings, checking, and pension accounts. You’ll know what kind of investment capital is available for the next generation of great local businesses in your community.