A localist can be defined in many ways. We define a localist as someone who acts local, in part by keeping dollars local and supporting independent businesses. Localists know that when we spend our money in our own communities more of it stays there, directly supporting quality jobs and meaningful work, for us all.

Localists know that we are all in it together.

We go beyond “buy local,” and choose relationships that build local economies that work for everyone.  

Arizona recycle

Local First Arizona´s goal is simple: Make Arizona a better place by supporting locally owned businesses and building vibrant communities that residents are proud to call home.

In a world of localists, more eaters know the farmers who grow their food; more investors are connected directly with entrepreneurs; more institutions choose local vendors and partners. Ultimately, this means more of us enjoy healthier, happier neighbors, family and friends.

BALLE’s network of localists are working across systems in different communities throughout North America, to create an economy that works for all. We prioritize equity, creating a level playing field for local businesses and under-resourced communities, in order to make greater well-being possible.

Here are some ways that people like you define a localist:

  • A champion of a specific city or neighborhood.
  • A regular person trying to buy local all the time.
  • In Norway, a localist is an “ildsjel” which means “soul of fire,” someone who has a burning commitment for their community.
  • A localist understands, participates in, and advocates for their community.
  • Localists celebrate what is unique!
  • A promoter of locally-sourced goods to create greater community resilience.
  • A localist knows where her food comes from.
  • Someone striving to make the economy work for everyone in their immediate community, challenging economic orthodoxy and power dynamics.
  • Someone who wants to see local communities thrive economically, culturally, and spiritually.
  • Someone who recognizes the power of keeping money flowing in the local community.
  • A localist cares that businesses are owned by people who live in and look like the communities they serve.

Still not sure whether you’re a localist?

Discover more about how BALLE and others define localism and read some stories about people who are creating an economy that works for everyone.