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Angie Hawk Maiden


Angie has extensive experience in non-profit leadership, organizational development, social enterprise, and fundraising. Previously, Angie served over 9 years as President and CEO of the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet), a community based economic development organization, and ACEnet Ventures, a regional loan fund.  In addition, she has held positions as COO for the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, Director of Ohio University’s Kids on Campus Community Partnership, and public school educator. She is also a BALLE Local Economy Fellow as well as an Aspen Institute SCALE Academy Fellow. Angie holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Ohio University.  


  • Expanded to create 130 square feet of business development space in two cities.
  • Established a nationally recognized Food Ventures Center, which serves over 300 food businesses annually.
  • Created one of the only CDFI’s in the Ohio Appalachian region.
  • Has been instrumental in establishing our region and our center as a strong regional food economy.
  • Supports hundreds of businesses in the region that would not exist without ACEnet.


  • AEO’s Delegate to the Global Microfinance Summit
  • Aspen Institute’s SCALE Academy Fellow
  • Appalachian Youth Entrepreneurship Education Springboard Award