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Andrea Dean

Sustainable Initiatives LLC; Hawai'i Alliance for a Local Economy (HALE)

Andrea Dean is a SocioEcoPreneur who initiates and partners on projects that enhance the environment, economy, and community of Hawai‘i—with an emphasis on growing local, sustainable food systems.

Through her company Sustainable Initiatives, she works on a broad range of projects, which currently include: Ho’oulu ka ‘Ulu — Revitalizing Breadfruit; Think Local, Buy Local; Hawai‘i Alliance for a Local Economy (HALE); North Kohala Eat Locally Grown Campaign; Strategic Planning for Growing a Local Food System in North Kohala; Community Harvest Hawai‘i; EBT (SNAP) at Farmers Markets.

Andrea is known for her very public personal “eat local” educational experiments. She is a writer, speaker, occasional performance artist, and aspiring filmmaker.


  • Launched  EBT program at the Hawi Farmers Market, which allows Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients to use their EBT cards to purchase fresh, local food at the Hawi Farmers Market. In its first months, the program is injecting about $1,500 new dollars per month into the market, and therefore into the pockets of small farmers.
  • Engaged 100 local businesses, and developed strategic partnerships and extensive public outreach campaign in the pilot year of the Think Local, Buy Local initiative.
  • Collected, processed, and re-distributed thousands of pounds of excess, locally grown food though the Community Harvest Hawai‘i project.
  • Raised awareness about the benefits of breadfruit for food security — with a cumulative attendance of 5,000 people at 2011-2012 festivals, extensive statewide media outreach, and distribution of hundreds of breadfruit trees.
  • Engaged 200 North Kohala residents in the development of a community-based strategic plan for developing a local food system.


  • One of 80 women leaders chosen out of 3,000 women nationwide for the 2008 WomenRule! training sponsored by O, The Oprah Magazine and The White House Project.