Ana Siria Urzua

Campaign Coordinator, Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities

Santa Ana, CA

Accelerate Collaboration, Cultivate Connection, Prioritize Equity  |  Advocacy, Community Economic Development, Public Health, Well-being, Worker Ownership

Ana leverages collaboration and an intergenerational approach to improve health, wellness, and more in Santa Ana’s immigrant, low-income Latino community.

Ana works with Building Healthy Communities in Santa Ana, California, co-directing the organization as a campaign coordinator. She has also worked as a community organizer with organizations such as Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development and El Centro Cultural de Mexico. Ana is involved in the creation of a savings and credit cooperative in Santa Ana called Cooperativa Integral Tierra y Dignidad de Santa Ana and is supporting the development of four other cooperatives in the area. She has published several articles on urban planning, gentrification, displacement, and economic development in Santa Ana. Ana was born in Colima, Mexico, received her anthropology degree from the University of California, Irvine, and currently resides in Santa Ana, California.