Affinity Groups

At BALLE, we know what it’s like to be the only one around who sees things differently. Using our peer discussion groups, you’ll find like-minded, BALLE members from across North America who see the big picture, are eager to share replicable models they've proven successful, and are interested in ongoing conversations about opportunities that could have positive impact in their communities and within the broader Localist movement.  By coming together to challenge and collaborate, our solutions are smarter, more creative, and more effective. 

Champions members can join Affinity Groups on the following topics today:

These groups are largely self-organized but receive tools and resources to maximize their ongoing success including:

  • active list servs;
  • integration with BALLE Live! webinars; and
  • a guide to effective group management, and more.

Plus, every group is encouraged to share their best ideas with the entire BALLE network. 

Contact us so we can match you up with the right Affinity Group today!

We invite businesses who have products or services to offer the Localist community in North America to sponsor BALLE and gain visibility to our network.

Code of Caring and Collaboration

While we know that everyone will use these groups in the spirit of collaboration and community, here are some guidelines for keeping the conversations productive and friendly. By being a part of an Affinity Group, you agree to these simple rules: 

  1. Stay on topic
  2. Be considerate
  3. Debate with respect
  4. Cite your sources
  5. Don’t spam
  6. Don’t advertise
  7. Be a Localist!

The Fine Print

By signing up for an Affinity Group you agree to the Code of Caring and Collaboration above, and any member violating the Code may be removed from the group.