Adil Dhalla

Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation

Toronto, ON

Accelerate Collaboration, Shift Capital  |  Community Capital, Community Economic Development, Funding / Investment, Incubator / Accelerator

Adil leads one of Canada’s most successful accelerator programs, equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to amplify their social impact.

Adil is the Executive Director of the Centre for Social Innovation’s (CSI) Toronto Operations and prior to that, was CSI’s Director of Culture (Global). Adil is a serial social entrepreneur – some of his previous experiences include founding My City Lives (2008), a pioneering application in the mobile video space that had presence in 250 cities globally; founding Project Ukulele Gangsterism (2012), a happiness hack on public spaces with international acclaim; and founding Friday Friends (2001), a non-profit organization that provides social opportunities to teens with development disabilities. In addition to his current work with CSI, Adil is a Co-Founder and Chair for Camp Reset, a summer camp for adults focused on creating safe spaces for adults to play, connect and transform and he is the Chair of the Board for the StopGap Foundation, an organization focused on creating accessible cities. Adil holds a BAH in History and an MBA. he was born and currently lives in Toronto.


  • We were the first coworking space in the world. We have open sourced our learnings in a book with the intention of fueling more spaces.
  • Our members represent $250 million in annual revenues.
  • We help create 270 new jobs each year.
  • Our community bond model has been replicated by many other organizations to finance their growth and scale. We have open sourced our learning in a book with the intention of fueling more bond programs.
  • We are home to over 1000 social mission organizations.