As Localists, we recognize the powerful ripple effect of our everyday decisions.

Localism is ultimately about building communities that are healthy, equitable and regenerative… and that starts with you. 


BALLE Executive Director Michelle Long and Local Economy Fellow Harper Bishop, supporting local businesses in Buffalo, NY.

Ready to get involved? Here are five simple ways:

1.Build connection and community change by choosing local first. If you are an entrepreneur, here are some simple tips you can start using your business to create an economy that works for all

2. Join our Connection Circles pilot.This is an easy way to begin engaging with people in your business or community. Connection Circles range from 15 minutes to an hour, once a month. Learn more about what’s involved here.

3. Attend a localist event— and bring some other locals with you! The BALLE network is always convening, connecting and collaborating on events where you can discover others like you, and share best practices.  We also encourage you to host an event to bring localism to your town — whether a town hall forum or a conference like in New Jersey or South Carolina, there are many models to follow. If you’re looking for localism leaders to speak at your event, explore our network to find some of North America’s most accomplished, inspiring local economy innovators.

4. Bring home the Local Economy Framework, eight strategies that can help you build a healthy, equitable local economy. Whether considered as an investment framework, or to highlight the links between what makes communities wealthy and what makes them healthy, the Framework is a time-tested foundation for creating local economies that work for all of us.

5. Share your story. Movements for change require storytellers who can inspire and show others what is happening. Invite others to join the movement, pass on success stories and Connection Circle “parables” through social media, or start a local first marketing campaign to showcase what makes your community unique. Commit to being a localist storyteller — and share yours with us too!

How do others Act Local?

BALLE fellow and Board member Nikki Silvestri shares her thoughts on how to create a culture around Localism in your community.