BALLE is building the ecosystem to accelerate momentum toward an economy that works for all.

Our work is grounded in deep engagement with our Local Economy Leadership Network — made up of Fellows, investors, and foundations — as well as many partners. We bring people together across sectors, throughout the U.S. and Canada, who are using our Local Economy Framework to create healthy, equitable communities.

“Business as usual” has led to an economic system that works very well for very few people. Those who study complex systems — like Janine Benyus, Elizabeth Sahtouris, David Korten and Margaret Wheatley —say the same thing; that once corrupted, a complex system has an almost impossible time fixing itself. We recognize that the only path to transformation is to find or create safe spaces outside the dominant system, where something new can emerge.


Social scientists have shown us that when a movement for change is emerging, it is indeed possible to accelerate its emergence. Whether it is the creation of the Internet or a movement toward civil rights, the basic strategy is the same: identify the most innovative leaders, bring them together into “communities of practice,” nourish them with resources and research that backs up their work, and then illuminate their groundbreaking work so that others can imagine an alternative course to explore. Over time, as communities of practice strengthen, “new systems of influence can emerge at a greater level of scale,” as Margaret Wheatley says.

To support communities, businesses and individuals creating the emergence of an economy that works for all, we focus our efforts in four areas:

  • NAME: We identify leaders who are using business to create healthier, more equitable communities.
  • CONNECT: We connect and convene these leaders, establishing relationships that accelerate collective impact.
  • NOURISH: We equip each person with models, research, access to capital and mentorship that lead to more effective work and deeper well-being.
  • ILLUMINATE: We highlight the work of these leaders and their communities by sharing their stories, so that others see a path to follow.

BALLE’s three-year strategic plan for accelerating the emergence of a healthy, equitable economy that works for all.

We also believe that how we do our work is as important as what we do. BALLE’s communities of practice use transformational development processes designed to address Einstein’s maxim: “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” We believe that facilitating personal transformational learning for the leaders we work with will allow them to transform the networks and communities they support and create the conditions for the emergence of a new economy.

BALLE is where revolutionary ideas can be considered, challenged and refined among leaders who are creating an economy that works for all. We spark and deepen relationships among these leaders, so they can share solutions, while attracting investment to ideas, communities and organizations that can accelerate building healthy, equitable economies.