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BALLE is the fastest growing business alliance of values aligned entrepreneurs, business networks, and local economy funders in North America. We welcome opportunities to connect media with BALLE thought leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and local economy leaders to learn more about localism and how we are building real prosperity, city by city. Please contact us at:

Jill Epner
Director of Community Engagement

510.587.9417 ext 108

BALLE’s vision is to create, within a generation, a global network of interconnected local economies that work in harmony with nature to support a healthy, prosperous and joyful life for all people. Our work is focused on creating real prosperity by connecting leaders, spreading solutions that work, and driving investment toward local economies.

BALLE equips entrepreneurs with tools and strategies for local success, and we provide the national forum for the most visionary and funders to connect, build their capacity and innovate.

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Understanding BALLE

BALLE is the fastest growing community of more than 30,000 Localists: entrepreneurs who are rethinking their industries, funders who are investing in the local economy movement, and network organizers who are mobilizing on a broad scale. 

BALLE supports the emergence and promotion of Localism through independent retail, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, green building, local zero-waste manufacturing, and community capital.

Localism spreads when entrepreneurs connect and share knowledge about new business models, new methods of financing and other new approaches to running a business. BALLE fosters development of community networks of independent businesses and connections between members, funders, and the community. Members can connect in an affinity group to focus on a single issue, such as independent retail (a Local First campaign) or rebuilding local and regional food systems. Or, it might be bigger, such as transforming an entire regional economy. BALLE offers business case studies, BALLE Live! webinars, manuals and calculators to help support sustainable local economies.

Interviews with BALLE Thought Leaders

Michelle LongBALLE's national board, staff and local members include renowned leaders in the fields of sustainability, social finance, social enterprise, and community-based economic development. Please contact us if you're interested in an interview with BALLE leaders, entrepreneurs who are re-thinking their industries, funders who are investing in the local economy movement, or network organizers.

Michelle Long is the executive director of BALLE. She was our first co-director, then transitioned to serve on the BALLE board starting in 2003 and later returned as executive director in Fall 2009. Founded in 2001, BALLE is amplifying and accelerating the enormous awakening energy directed toward local economies. Seeing local, independently owned businesses as the key to solving our communities’ toughest challenges and to creating real prosperity, BALLE connects visionary local leaders so they can find inspiration and support. Through intense collaboration BALLE identifies and promotes the most innovative business models for creating healthier, sustainable, and prosperous communities. With a growing network of 30,000 local entrepreneurs spanning 80 communities, BALLE is leveraging the collective voice of this movement to drive new investment, scale the best solutions, and harness the power of local, independently owned business to transform the communities where we work and live.