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Kimber Lanning and the Many Paths to Localism

Spreading Solutions

As a record store owner, local business network founder, economic policy advocate, and all-around community champion, Kimber Lanning has found many ways to cultivate Localism in her home state of Arizona.

In addition to the transformative work she has done in her own community – from founding a statewide local business network and successfully changing local procurement policy, to shepherding the creation of Fuerza Local, a Buy Local campaign targeting Spanish-speaking Arizonians – Kimber has managed to find time to serve on the BALLE board of directors, participate in BALLE’s 2011 Local Economy Fellowship, speak at  our conference, and lead a BALLE Live Webinar on strategies for changing local government procurement policies to benefit local economies.

There is no silver bullet to building a new economy. This transformation requires a wide range of approaches and strategies being developed, refined, and shared between communities of all different shapes and sizes.

Here is a sample of some of Kimber’s diverse approaches to being a successful Localist advocate in your community:

  • Get 5 tips from Kimber on how to make a difference in your home place
  • Learn about how Local First Arizona has transformed government procurement policies in Arizona, and how they have expanded their Local Economy outreach efforts into Spanish-speaking communities
  • Read a review of Kimber’s recent webinar on procurement policies, order a recording of the full webinar, and sign up for future webinars to catch other visionary speakers.

Kudos to Kimber and her collaborators in Arizona for creating great models for the rest of us to learn from. Now it’s your turn to make a great idea work in your place and share it back to the rest of the BALLE community, so we can continue to create an economy that works for everyone.