Meet BALLE's national board and staff including renowned leaders in the fields of sustainability, social finance and community-based economic development.

Sandy Wiggins

Sandy Wiggins, BALLE Board Chair, is founder and principal of Consilience, LLC, a national consultancy with a mission to build environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable communities.... [Read More]

Judy Wicks

Judy Wicks, BALLE Cofounder and Board Chair Emeritus, is an international leader and speaker in the local-living-economies movement, Judy Wicks is former owner of the White Dog Café, acclaimed... [Read More]

Don Shaffer

Don Shaffer, BALLE Development Committee Chair, president and CEO, RSF Social Finance, has more than 12 years of senior management experience building social mission companies. Most recently, he... [Read More]

Leslie Christian

Leslie Christian, BALLE Board Treasurer, has been a leader and innovator in social and environmental investing for more than 20 years. Leslie is currently focused on the development of... [Read More]

Alfa Demmellash

Since 2004, Alfa Demmellash, a native of Ethiopia and graduate of Harvard University, has been the CEO of Rising Tide Capital.  Headquartered on Martin Luther King Drive in Jersey City, the... [Read More]

Kimber Lanning

Kimber Lanning, BALLE Board Secretary, is an entrepreneur and economic specialist who works to cultivate strong, vibrant communities and inspire a higher quality of life throughout Arizona. Lanning... [Read More]

Jamila Payne

Jamila Payne, BALLE Board Vice Chair and CEO of Soul Purpose Company, is an entrepreneur and author who ran one of the early internet-based women’s apparel retail businesses selling independent... [Read More]