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Meet the 2011 Fellows

Meet the 2011-2012 Fellows

Our inaugural group of Fellows were not only pioneers in their fields, but pioneered our first cohort of Fellows. And they knocked our socks off. New funding, national media attention and even our first national political candidate – these innovators continue to wow us daily with their passion, ideas, and ability to change the world.

In just the first six months of our pilot year, six programs were replicated community to community, more than $500,000 in new funds were raised as participants shared program proposals and made introductions for each other, and leadership development enabled some participants to ask for help and others to show more strength.

Anthony Flaccavento

Founder, SCALE, Inc., Abingdon, Virginia
Anthony is an organic farmer and has been working on community environmental and economic development in central Appalachia for the past 25 years. SCALE, Inc, is a private consulting business... [Read More]

Jamee Haley

Executive Director, Lowcountry Local First, Charleston, South Carolina
Since 2007, Jamee Haley has been responsible for developing the “Directory of Local Independent Businesses,” has produced five successful Buy Local annual campaigns, worked with... [Read More]

Elissa S. Hillary

Executive Director, Local First West Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Elissa is committed to working at the leading edge of values-based capitalism, building sustainable local economies that put people first.  As the Executive Director of Local First since... [Read More]

Leanne Krueger-Braneky

Representative, 161st Legislative District, The House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Leanne Krueger-Braneky has received national attention for her work in economic development, program development, and public policy. She has been invited to the White House Business Council on... [Read More]

Kimber Lanning

Board Secretary, Executive Director, Local First Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
Kimber Lanning, BALLE Board Secretary, is an entrepreneur and economic specialist who works to cultivate strong, vibrant communities and inspire a higher quality of life throughout Arizona. Lanning... [Read More]

Derek Long

Executive Director, Sustainable Connections, Bellingham, Washington
Derek has a track record of entrepreneurism and program development in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  Most recently, he co-founded Sustainable Connections in 2002 and is the... [Read More]

Vicki Pozzebon

Principal, Prospera Partners, LLC, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Vicki's background includes arts administration, nonprofit development, marketing, and public relations. Honors include Young Careerist ’06, and 40 under Forty Business Executive by New... [Read More]

Jessie Radies

Founder, Live Local, Edmonton, Alberta
As the founder of Live Local Alberta, Jessie has a vision for Alberta as a diverse, vibrant and sustainable region. Live Local Alberta is dedicated to educating consumers on the benefit of... [Read More]

Ellen Shepard

CEO, Community Allies, Chicago, Illinois
Ellen is the CEO and founder of Community Allies, which supports people and organizations working to build thriving communities, Ellen is a seasoned strategist, leveraging localized economic... [Read More]

Kimberlee Williams

Cofounder and Marketing Director, FEMWORKS LLC and Forward Ever Sustainable Business Alliance, Newark, New Jersey
Kimberlee Williams is a leader in Newark where she is CEO and Marketing Director her consulting firm FEMWORKS, an accomplished media and marketing strategy firm. She is a pivotal leader and liaison... [Read More]