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I stand for an economy that works for all of us – and I refuse to accept that “business as usual” is the best we can doI believe my work and the way I engage in my community can be a reflection of who I am, what I love, and how I want to be in the world.”

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Why Local Matters

of $70B+ each year

Three quarters of “economic development” dollars directly subsidize large corporations, leaving local, independent businesses behind.

  • Chart
  • Chart32%

For every $100 spent at a local business approximately $67 stays in the community. When you shop at a big box store, just $32 out of $100 stays in the community.

Net New Jobs

Up to 90 percent of net new jobs in the U.S. are created by locally-owned businesses.

  1. Director of Community Prosperity and Investments, Humboldt Area Foundation

    Bayside, CA

    Humboldt Area Foundation, represented by Patrick Cleary, promotes and encourages generosity, leadership, and inclusion to strengthen their communities.

    Local Economy Foundations

  2. Chief Program Officer, Arkansas Community Foundation

    Little Rock, AR

    Arkansas Community Foundation, represented by Sarah Kinser, engages people, connects resources, and inspires solutions to build community.

    Local Economy Foundations

  3. Washington, DC

    Think Local First DC envisions an interconnected community of locally-owned businesses who drive sustainable economic development in Washington DC.

    Localist Network

  4. Victoriaville, QC

    Community Economic Development (CED) is action by people locally to create economic opportunities that improve social conditions, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged.

    Localist Network

  5. Executive Director, First Nations Oweesta Corporation

    Longmont, CO

    Chrystel Cornelius is empowering Native American communities by helping CDFIs to build wealth & economic independence among tribal communities across the U.S.

    BALLE Fellows

  6. Founding President, CEO, Latino Economic Development Center

    Minneapolis, MN

    Ramón León catalyzes economic and community development in Minneapolis' Latino community.

    BALLE Fellows

  7. Executive Director, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

    Detroit, MI

    Malik Yakini fosters food justice and food sovereignty in Detroit's African American Community.

    BALLE Fellows

  8. Executive Director, Social Enterprise Fund

    Edmonton, AB

    The Social Enterprise Fund, represented by Jane Bisbee, invests in launching and expanding social enterprises in Edmonton.

    Local Economy Foundations

  9. President, Lincoln Community Foundation

    Lincoln, NE

    Lincoln Community Foundation, represented by Barbara Bartle, is partnering with the city of Lincoln to create a mixed-use high-rise building in a low-income community.

    Local Economy Foundations

  10. Senior Vice President of Strategy & Community Investments, Rhode Island Foundation

    Providence, RI

    Rhode Island Foundation, represented by Jessica David, is working on intentional impact investing and strategy.

    Local Economy Foundations

  11. Principal, Good Works Ventures

    Missoula, MT

    Mary Stranahan focuses on triple bottom line investments, leadership, rural economic development, and environmental policy issues.

    Local Economy Investors

  12. President, Globetrotter Foundation

    Paicines, CA

    Sallie Calhoun uses philanthropy and investment capital to create change in agriculture and communities by empowering women.

    Local Economy Investors

  13. Charleston, SC

    Charleston Co-working Space Creates Community... and Profits

    Success Stories

  14. Albuquerque, NM

    Downtown, Hometown: Relationships Revitalize Albuquerque

    Success Stories

  15. Stone Mountain, GA

    Designing Across Disciplines: Regenerative Solutions in the American Black Belt

    Success Stories

  16. Vancouver, BC

    Accelerating “Radical Doers” in Vancouver

    Success Stories

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